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Nail Care and Artistry in Beverly Hills, CA 90212: Palatial Nail Lounge's Guide

In the glamorous enclave of Beverly Hills, CA 90212, where every detail counts, there's a haven for nail enthusiasts – Palatial Nail Lounge. We understand that the little things matter, from the intricate patterns on your nails to the luxurious products we use.

At Palatial Nail Lounge, we're not just a salon; we're artisans of nail care, dedicated to transforming each finger into a canvas of beauty. In the world of nail trends, we keep our finger on the pulse, offering the latest designs that range from elegantly simple to boldly complex.

Why Regular Nail Care Matters: In the fast-paced Beverly Hills scene, self-care often takes a backseat. But remember, well-groomed nails are a reflection of your personal style and attention to detail. Regular nail care isn't just about appearances; it's about self-care, hygiene, and confidence. Our skilled technicians ensure your nails receive the pampering they deserve, leaving you poised and polished.

The Artistry of Nail Design: Nail art is an expression of creativity, and at Palatial Nail Lounge, we embrace this concept fully. Our portfolio showcases a spectrum of designs – from classic French tips to avant-garde 3D designs. Each nail is a canvas where colors dance and patterns tell a story. Our meticulous artists conceptualize and craft designs that resonate with your personality and preferences.

Quality Products for Exceptional Results: We're committed to excellence, which is why we partner with renowned nail care brands. Our curated selection of products ensures your nails receive only the best treatment. From premium polishes to nourishing treatments, we take care of your nails as if they were our own.

Staying Ahead of Trends: Beverly Hills is a trendsetting hub, and our salon thrives on embracing the latest in nail fashion. Our team constantly seeks inspiration from runways, pop culture, and global beauty trends to offer you a truly fashion-forward experience. Your nails will always be ahead of the curve.

Experience Palatial Nail Lounge: Palatial Nail Lounge isn't just a salon; it's a sanctuary where your nails are transformed into exquisite works of art. With a keen eye for detail, dedication to quality, and a passion for creativity, we redefine nail care in Beverly Hills. Come, indulge in a world of nail artistry that matches the glamour of your surroundings.

In Beverly Hills, even the tiniest details make a difference. At Palatial Nail Lounge, we're here to ensure your nails are the finest detail of all.

Your Gateway to Beautiful Nails

Signature Mani

Signature Manicure $25 
The Treat Manicure $35 
Incl. Paraffin (5 MINS MASSAGE)
The Luxe Manicure $45 
Incl. Sea Salt & Paraffin (5 MINS MASSAGE)
Revitalizing soak to clean & whiten natural nails followed by cuticle work & nail reshaping. Rejuvenating hand & arm massage to soothe muscles & joints. Treatment is finished with the polish of your choice.

Gel Mani & Pedi

Gel Manicure (Massage) $45 
Gel Pedicure (Massage) $55 
Color gel lacquer is designed specifically for natural nails. An LED light is used to harden the gel, leaving it long-lasting. chip-resistant color. Gel lacquer comes in a variety of colors, including French (+$10).


Signature Spa Pedicure $35 
The Treat Pedicure $45 
Incl. The Basic 5 mins Sugar Scrub
The Luxe Pedicure $55 
Incl. Callus Remover, Sugar Scrub 8 mins Hot Stone Massage
The Posh Pedicure $65 
Incl. Callus Remover, Paraffin, Sugar Scrub 10 mins Hot Stone Massage, choice of: Green Tea, Lavender, Rose
Jelli Pedicure $75 
Incl. Callus Remover, Paraffin, Sugar Scrub 10 mins Hot Stone Massage, choice of: Green Tea, Lavender, Rose
Palatial Pedicure $85 
Milk & Honey Sugar Scrub, Callus Remover, Paraffin, Hot Stone, 15 mins Fruit Massage


Eyebrows $20 
Lip $15 
Chin $15 
Complete Face $60 
Full Arms $40 +
Half Arms $30 +
Under Arms $20 
Chest $45 +
Full Legs $70 +
Half Legs $40 +

Kids Mani & Pedi

(For Children 11 & Under)
Kid Manicure $20 
Kid Pedicure $20 
Kid Mani & Pedi $40 

Awe-Inspiring Nail Art